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Byhappyme Name Tag Review

*The product in this review was gifted.

The Problem

Every year I search the internet, ebay and amazon for the best name labels for my son’s new school clothes. By the best I mean, the easiest and quickest to use, and the ones that will last the longest. I’ve moved away from spending hours trying to get my pen to work on the shiny plastic clothes labels and last year discovered iron on labels. There was still a problem though, the time! It took forever! Well, not actually forever but what felt like never ending hours spent carefully separating each label followed by an often failed attempt to iron them onto a tiny clothes label without burning my fingers. I have to say that my fingers usually ended up covered in plasters!

The Solution

A lovely company named byhappyme contacted me recently and offered to send me 192 of their sticker name labels. A completely none-iron solution! How could I say no?

The stickers were washable and perfect for my son’s new school uniform. From the website, I was able to customize the labels really easily and even had the option of adding a little picture icon. After ordering, the stickers took only 2 days to arrive (their standard delivery time is only 1-3 working days).

A plastic wallet from byhappyme with the word Emma on it

The stickers are nicely packaged so had zero damage on arrival (I usually lose a few of the iron on labels!) and the envelope is small enough to fit through the letter box, so no having to wait in for the post man. Result!

The Product

Using the product takes a matter of seconds with no prep needed. I’d already bought and washed all of Bruce’s new uniform so it was all ready for labelling. As no iron was needed, I was at no risk of burnt fingers this year and didn’t have to stand in the kitchen for hours to get everything labelled. This year, thanks to byhappyme, I was able to relax on the couch labelling clothes whilst catching up on my latest Netflix fave! There’s no need to carefully pull all the labels apart as they already come separated and are really easy to peel off.

A clothes label reading Bruce on the inside of a blue jumper

Would I recommend?

Obviously yes! No burnt fingers and masses of time saved. They’re super strong stickers and are more of a material feel than paper. I’ll definitely be using these from now on.

You can order them here – byhappyme.com/uk/

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