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    One Year On – Swimming Lessons at Swim!

    Disclaimer: The Swimming lessons at Swim! were given on a gifted basis for 2 x 6 month periods. The links to Swim! within this blog are linked to myself but I do not receive any payment from these. The Beginning – Where we Started Bruce started swimming lessons at Swim! Oldham in August 2020 and has since made huge progress. He’s had 2 main instructors and enjoyed his time with both of them. When he first started, he wore armbands and also needed a floating device to support when trying to move in the water. He was adamant that he needed a nose clip and wouldn’t leave the house without…

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    Swimming Lessons – 3 Months at Swim!

    In August 2020, Bruce started swimming lessons at Swim! For a boy that’s usually quite shy, he oozed confidence as he bounced over to his swim teacher. The smile on his face stayed throughout that first trial and has remained ever since. The Swimming Journey So Far 3 months on and he has become the most confident that I have ever seen him in the water. We’ve been going swimming together for years but I’ve never quite managed to coach him to swim armband free. Swim!, on the other hand, managed to do just that after only 2 months of swimming lessons. I’m over the moon. Not only by the…

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    The Top 10 Family Films of 2019 – A Round Up

    As a family of 3, we spend pretty much every Saturday evening watching family films. Movie night is one of our favourite nights of the week. A time when we all snuggle up on the couch with our ‘movie night snacks’ watching our latest choice of film. It then seemed only fitting that I start a yearly run through of our top 10 family films of 2019. These are in no particular order (mainly because I just couldn’t choose) and I’ve popped a link through to each film on IMDb so you can see a little more about them and read a few other people’s reviews too. The Lion King…

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    Back to School List

    Intro If you’re reading this in late August (in the UK) and you’ve not already been out and bought this year’s school uniform then you might want to keep reading. It’s no secret that school uniforms can cost an absolute fortune and I for one, spent way too much when my son first started school. It was only later in the year (when he’d ruined 3 Β£15 jumpers and a Β£45 pair of shoes) that I discovered that you could gain the same quality for a fraction of the price at the local supermarket. Where to Shop For me George at Asda wins for the school uniform essentials for it’s…

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    Byhappyme Name Tag Review

    *The product in this review was gifted. The Problem Every year I search the internet, ebay and amazon for the best name labels for my son’s new school clothes. By the best I mean, the easiest and quickest to use, and the ones that will last the longest. I’ve moved away from spending hours trying to get my pen to work on the shiny plastic clothes labels and last year discovered iron on labels. There was still a problem though, the time! It took forever! Well, not actually forever but what felt like never ending hours spent carefully separating each label followed by an often failed attempt to iron them…

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    Snuggle Seat Beanbag Review

    *The Snuggle Seat Beanbag in this review was gifted to us The (Seat) Struggle is Real! After having a little wooden chair since he was about 1 year old, it’s safe to say that Bruce had well and truly ‘grown out’ of using it for anything other than a ‘random stuff’ shelf. I was hoping that it might have lasted a little longer, especially after he started to really enjoy reading and writing and so needed somewhere to sit. His favourite position had become the classic sprawled out child on the floor. Not necessarily my favourite, as in doing so he would incidently knock every toy over in his path.…

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    Would you have Another Child?

    I’ve been wanting to write a post about this for a long time and something made me think more about the question recently. As a parent, you’re asked so many questions by so many different people. It starts from when you’re pregnant: “Are you planning to breast feed?” or “Have you thought about co-sleeping?”. When your baby is born, you get asked a lot about their development: “Can they lift their head yet?” or “How long are they sleeping through at night?” There is one question though that’s asked about a parent’s intentions in relation to their family. This one is usually asked of those with newborns and quite little…

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    Rainy Day Activities

    Now I’m writing this in the month of March, which, if you live in the UK, isn’t exactly a time known for it’s glorious weather. There have been quite a lot of weekends recently where rainy day activities are an absolute must. My little boy is 6 now and I’ve spent years working out the best way to keep him entertained when we were confined to a limited dry space. Well, I’m still fully working that out. But whilst I’m on my journey of discovering how to entertain a child with an unlimited amount of energy, I thought I’d share some of my favourite activities that I’ve discovered along the…

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    Top 6 Books for a 6 Year Old

    Reading with Bruce is my favourite part of the day. Every evening after bathtime, we sit on his bed together and choose 2 stories. Since starting school and becoming a much more confident reader, Bruce usually chooses his school reading book for himself and one from our collection for me to read. I thought I'd share 6 of our favourite reads from over the past few months. If any spark your interest, why not head down to your local library or book store and see if they have one in stock? 1. The Bolds' Great Adventure by Julian Clary This is a such a funny and creative book. There are…