• haribo+ice+lolly

    Haribo Ice Lollies

    Now I’m a big kid when it comes to sweets, especially Haribo! So of course I had to do a half term activity that included these. Haribo Ice Lollies are perfect for spring and summer days. They’re also really simple to make and the ice lolly moulds can be used multiple times. What You’ll Need Ice Lolly Moulds Lemonade 4 x Haribo treat bags Step 1 Fill the bottom of the ice lolly moulds with 6-7 mini Haribos. Tip: Don’t drop your mould like I did! Hence, the chip in the top left. Step 2 Top up each of the moulds with lemonade. Step 3 Place the ice lolly tops…

  • bruce+handprint+picture

    Handprint Animals

    This craft was so easy to do and my little boy loved it. We themed the picture specially for Mother’s day but you could create pictures for any occasion. If you have a larger family, simply add more handprint animals. What You’ll Need 4 pieces of card (2 of the same colour) 4 googly eyes Black pen Glue stick Glitter Scissors Step 1 To make a frame for your picture, draw a border approximately 2 centimeters from the edge of your card and cut out. Step 2 Cover the frame with glue stick and sprinkle on some glitter. Leave to dry whilst you create the picture. Step 3 Draw around…

  • sock+puppet

    Sock Puppets

    Sock puppets are one of the easiest things to make as a family. It’s a great way to spend some time together while letting your imaginations run wild. Why not even put on a sock puppet show when they’re finished? If you have some odd socks lying around (and I know I’m not the only one whose washing machine eats them!), then why not give it a go. Simply follow the step by step guide below. What You’ll Need Socks Scissors Glue (hot glue guns are the best and have the quickest drying times Googly eyes Tissue paper Mini pom poms Pipe cleaner Mixed fabrics Beads Step 1 Mark out…

  • dream+catcher

    Children’s Dream Catcher

    Crafting with my little boy is one of the biggest joys in my life. Our craft collection has grown over the years from a few crayons to various types of paper, stickers, a miniature pink glue gun and of course, glitter. Making a dream catcher is a really fun kid’s craft. There are so many variations that you can do to suit your little one’s style. Similarly you don’t need to be a pro crafter to make this. Whilst the younger children will likely need some help with the scissor steps, the decoration steps can be a time where they can really let their creative juices flow! What you’ll need…

  • gliter+glass+final

    Leopard Print Glitter Glass

    Ok, so full disclosure. I love leopard print!!! I first started making glitter glasses when they seemed to be all the rage about 5 years ago. Now I want to add a couple of layers to this with an ombre effect and a fabulous animal print. It’s a very easy craft using just a few key things. The actual steps themselves don’t take long at all but you will need to allow a few hours drying time between each one. What you’ll need A glass or cup Mod podge (water based sealer, glue and finish) Paint brush or paint sponge Glitter (2 colours if doing ombre effect) Fine point sharpie…

  • bookmark+book

    Making a Bookmark

      I don't know about you but I love a homemade gift. Not only are they unique but you know that they've had that extra bit of time and effort put into them. What takes it to the next level for me though, is when that homemade gift is from a little one. When I was a child, I made every birthday and celebration card for my mum and dad. It usually included some form of a cartoon strip that emphasized my dad's love of motorbikes and / or my mum's epic long red / purple / pink hair (she took on a wide variety fantastic shades!). Each card was…