Chocolate Sprinkle Biscuits

This is a great activity to complete with kids or actually, even without. The result is 12 white chocolate dipped biscuits (cookies is you’re not in the UK), coated in colourful sprinkles. The beauty of this is that it’s a really simple idea that creates a treat for people of any age to have at any occasion (or no occasion, we made ours on a Sunday afternoon).

Feel free to switch up the digestives for another biscuit, you could choose your favourite. I was thinking of dipping Oreos till I remembered that I’d actually finished them off the week before (oops). Why not try swapping white chocolate for milk? Or even dark? I used Dr Oetker ‘Unicorn Confetti’ sprinkles but you could swap these for your favourite colours or to go in line with a themed occasion.


  • 12 digestive biscuits
  • 120g white chocolate
  • 110g Sprinkles


Step 1

Break the white chocolate into pieces and melt in the microwave for approximately 2 minutes. Do this in 30 second blasts, stirring after each.

Please note that your microwave may melt the chocolate in a longer or shorter time frame.


Step 2

Pour the sprinkles into a bowl.


Step 3

Dip one of the biscuits into the white chocolate.


Step 4

Dip the side of the biscuit that has white chocolate on, into the bowl of sprinkles.


Step 5

Place the biscuit onto a plate and repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining 11 biscuits.


Step 6

Allow the chocolate to set. You can put them in the fridge to speed this process up (I did because I couldn’t wait!)



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