Handprint Animals

This craft was so easy to do and my little boy loved it. We themed the picture specially for Mother’s day but you could create pictures for any occasion. If you have a larger family, simply add more handprint animals.

What You’ll Need

  • 4 pieces of card (2 of the same colour)
  • 4 googly eyes
  • Black pen
  • Glue stick
  • Glitter
  • Scissors


Step 1

To make a frame for your picture, draw a border approximately 2 centimeters from the edge of your card and cut out.


Step 2

Cover the frame with glue stick and sprinkle on some glitter.

Leave to dry whilst you create the picture.


Step 3

Draw around your hand and cut out your handprint.

Repeat this step for your child’s hand.


Step 4

Draw around your finger twice and cut out the half circle shapes (these will be ears).

Repeat this step for your child’s hand.


Step 5

Stick your handprints to the remaining piece of card. Add the ears and 2 googly eyes to each. Draw a nose and mouth using the black pen.


Step 6

Stick your frame on top of your picture.

aminal handprint picture

Step 7

Add a message to your picture using the black pen.

Your little picture is now finished!