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Swimming Lessons – 3 Months at Swim!

In August 2020, Bruce started swimming lessons at Swim! For a boy that’s usually quite shy, he oozed confidence as he bounced over to his swim teacher. The smile on his face stayed throughout that first trial and has remained ever since.

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The Swimming Journey So Far

3 months on and he has become the most confident that I have ever seen him in the water. We’ve been going swimming together for years but I’ve never quite managed to coach him to swim armband free. Swim!, on the other hand, managed to do just that after only 2 months of swimming lessons.

I’m over the moon. Not only by the progress, but by how happy Bruce is whilst he’s there. He has no hesitation on walking into lessons and can’t wait to get into the pool.

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The Lessons

Lessons are structured well, with only 5 or 6 children in a group. Each lesson is completely pool based for 30 minutes and challenges children to work through a set number of swim tasks. ‘Float in a star shape on my front/back’, for example.

Every child has an online account where parents can access their progress. You’re then able to view if they’ve tried one of the swim tasks, are almost there or have done it. Once all are completed, they are then able to move up to the next swim level. This is exactly what happened to us.

From Level 2 to Level 3

When he first started Swim! and following his trial, Bruce was placed into Swim! group 2. This group is for non-swimmers to learn to become independent in the water. A few weeks ago, after mastering all of the tasks set for that group, Bruce moved on to Swim group 3. A group for beginners looking to build confidence under the water and to develop their kicking technique.

His first lesson in this group was a great success. He enjoyed every minute in the pool and can’t wait to tell me all about it following the lesson.

I’ll be posting further progress in a few of months’ time so look out for our 6 month update post. If you’re looking for your child to take part in a free trial class at Swim!, simply click here to register and book your class.

A young boy running towards a building with the word Swim on it

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