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    Would you have Another Child?

    I’ve been wanting to write a post about this for a long time and something made me think more about the question recently. As a parent, you’re asked so many questions by so many different people. It starts from when you’re pregnant: “Are you planning to breast feed?” or “Have you thought about co-sleeping?”. When your baby is born, you get asked a lot about their development: “Can they lift their head yet?” or “How long are they sleeping through at night?” There is one question though that’s asked about a parent’s intentions in relation to their family. This one is usually asked of those with newborns and quite little…

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    Top 6 Books for a 6 Year Old

    Reading with Bruce is my favourite part of the day. Every evening after bathtime, we sit on his bed together and choose 2 stories. Since starting school and becoming a much more confident reader, Bruce usually chooses his school reading book for himself and one from our collection for me to read. I thought I'd share 6 of our favourite reads from over the past few months. If any spark your interest, why not head down to your local library or book store and see if they have one in stock? 1. The Bolds' Great Adventure by Julian Clary This is a such a funny and creative book. There are…